Risk, Compliance & Corporate Governance Solutions
  • Risk Management
    Risk Management Advisory
  • Investment Performance Reporting
    Investment Performance Reporting GIPS® advisory and verification services
  •  Business Continuum
    Business Continuum For business objectives to be met.
    Includes strategy, definition of risks.
    Controls to inhibit risks and a monitoring programme.
    Quality assurance and performance management.
  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance Advisory
    Reviews and health checks;
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Regulatory Compliance Advisory
    Reviews and health checks;
  • Powerful Framework
    Powerful Framework Gantry is the core framework of Clarion that offers advanced features such as its sophisticated adminsitrative template interface.
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About eComply

eComply, is a specialist team of high caliber professionals, all of whom have held high level risk and business management positions.

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  • Nick Howse
  • Tim Howse
  • Lesley Harvey


Key Service

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Full service contracts & ad-hoc assignments 
Regulatory endorsement (e.g. FSB)  
Absolute integrity & excellent reputation 
Committed to BEE 

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