We believe that good compliance and corporate governance is a question of ethics. Rather than simply seeing the need for adherence to regulatory requirements or best practice as an imposed necessity, we view it rather as way of conducting business in a way that is fit and proper. We therefore encourage our clients to instill a positive compliance culture throughout their organisation so that the interests of all stakeholders are continually cared for.

eComply aims to simplify complex issues by assisting with the creation of the correct business ethos and processes. By establishing a close working relationship with our clients, we are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business dynamics and thereby provide tailored solutions.

eComply recognises the immense value of having and maintaining a good reputation. We therefore strive to be seen as a team of dedicated professionals with the highest standards of integrity. We are purposefully selective with our engagements and aim to expand our client base mainly through positive referrals or “word of mouth”.

We at eComply believe in the benefits provided to the industry by industry organisations. Consequently, we are active participants in both local and global investment management and compliance organisations. Much of the time we spend on this work is voluntary.